Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton's highly-visible love affair continues to delight, annoy and captivate the public in equal measure. Tabloids continue to wish a Gwen pregnancy into existence, a story in which Gwen drops some flowers becomes "GWEN CAUGHT THE WEDDING BOUQUET!" and the two only fan the gossip-flames with videos of them covering each other's faces in saliva. Now the latest evidence that Gwen can't keep her hands to herself [Selena Gomez reference] is in a video captured at "God Made Girls" singer RaeLynn's wedding this past weekend.

As you can review for yourself in Entertainment Tonight's video below, the couple attended the Tennessee wedding of the singer, who competed on Team Blake on The Voice Season 2 in 2012. As the analysis that accompanies the visual points out (just a simple video of a two lovebirds being surreptitiously taped from afar, nothing creepy at all about either the video's existence or that fact that we all watched it!!), Blake first puts his meaty man-hand on Gwen's lower back and whispers into her ear. Stars: They touch their fellow human dating partners just like us!

As for the billed "butt-pinching," it's more of a brisk cheek graze. Less of a squeeze, more of a "just checkin' to see if it's still there."

ET reports that RaeLynn has remained close with Shelton's ex-wife Miranda Lambert, and that she was invited but did not attend. It looks like she missed a lovely ceremony, and did NOT miss laying eyes upon her ex and his new love pawing each other.

Not that the PDA would kill Miranda inside, RaeLynn tells ET: "I talk to both of them. You know, they're grown-ups. You handle things," the singer said in December. "[They said] 'It's all about when you find the right person, you gotta kinda go with it.' They've both been so supportive."

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