The Grinch has stolen Christmas for three central New York families. Someone chopped down and took colored Christmas trees from Henderberg's Christmas Tree Farm in Rome.

A VVS bus driver noticed people on the farm around 8am Monday, November 27th during his late morning run. Jay Henderberg says after talking to the bus driver he noticed a turquois, dark blue and light blue tree missing from his lot. "2 trees were taken from one side of Route 365 and the other from the other said," says Henderberg. "They must have stashed them by the Hoad road, which is a dead end, to pick up later in the day."

The colored Christmas trees are so popular this year, Henderberg sold out weeks ago. "I don't want to make the call to those families. I feel horrible. How do you tell someone their tree is gone?"

The New York State Police have trail cams and are investigating but Henderberg isn't very optimistic the trees will be found unless someone saw the car and license plate or know who is responsible.

The cost of the trees isn't what hurts Henderberg's heart the most. "I not even looking at the monetary loss. I'm just thinking about those families not having the tree they were looking forward to this year. Their stories behind why they chose those colored trees will break your heart. What do you say? I'm at a loss for words."

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