Put a little color in your Christmas this year with real colored Christmas trees.

Tad and I took a trip to Henderberg's Christmas Tree Farm in Rome to see what these colored trees were all about in our latest 'Married with Microphones.'

Henderberg's Christmas Tree Farm offers 7 colored trees to choose from that are treated with a non-toxic colorant that won't come off. "When they started coloring the trees they made a colorant that was safe for the home," explains Joshua Brodnicki. "If you just put paint on it, it's terrible for the tree, the environment, the home and pets. They say pets will get more sick from eating the needles than the colorant."

Your color choices are: Red, Turquoise, Pink, Magenta, White, Light Blue, and Purple at the farm right off Route 365 on Henderberg Rd South in Rome. The farm isn't open until Black Friday but you can choose your tree ahead of time. "We're having people come and tag the one they want," says Joshua. "We'll take down your information and when you're ready to come back and pick it up you already know where your tree is."

Colored trees cost an additional $30 over the price of a tree. The purple one we picked out was $40 with a extra $30 for the colorant. $70 for a colored tree seems pretty reasonable to me and with all that color, who needs decorations. All you'll need is some lights.

To keep your tree staying fresh longer Joshua suggests using warm water the first time you get it home. "Using warm tap water will loosen up all the sap at the bottom and then all the water will soak up through."

You can call to tag your colored Christmas tree at 315-533-6542 or get more information at Henderberg's Christmas Tree Farm's website or on their Facebook page.

I wouldn't wait to pick one out if it's what you want this Christmas. Joshua says they are coloring more tree to keep with the high demand this year but they are at the mercy of Mother Nature. "The temperature has to be above 40 and we can't do it if it's going to rain."


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