Yes, Governor Cuomo is single, but is he ready to mingle?

The New York State governor appeared with Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show's first taping back in the studio since the coronavirus pandemic, where he revealed which "phase" he's in when it comes to his dating life.

"I'm at Phase Zero on dating," Cuomo said, looking slightly embarrassed and failing to hold back his laughter. "There's no duration on Phase Zero. There is no automatic time that you go to Phase One. You could stay in Phase Zero for months, by the way. I think New York City will be fully reopened before I get out of Phase Zero on dating."

Check out the hilarious clip from Cuomo's interview on The Tonight Show starting at 7:10 below.

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Cuomo also spent his time with Fallon thanking New Yorkers for their commitment to turning the state's infection rate from the worst in the country to the best.

"The people in New York did the right thing," Cuomo said. "We had 30,000 people volunteer to come in from outside New York [City] to volunteer in our hospitals. Think about that. 30,000 people. There's a lot of love in this country, and there's a lot of goodness."

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