The good Samaritan who paid for a woman's groceries in Rome has been found.

The act of kindness happened at the Walmart in Rome. Sandy Balcom was shopping with her mother and had paid for her groceries already. "I took them to the car and went back in the store to help my mom," she said. "As she was paying for her groceries I took her cart out and put them in the car as well."

Sandy's mother paid with a check but she couldn’t find her license. A gentleman in line behind her paid for her groceries but she didn’t get his name. "A friend heard about it on the radio and got ahold of the man's girlfriend," said Sandy. "I chatted with her and she gave me his number so I could talk to him."

When Sandy called to thank the kind man and offered to repay him, he told her it wasn't necessary. "He said he just wanted to help. He could see my mother was a bit frustrated and told me not to worry about it. He suggested I pay it forward to someone else."

The man doesn't want any recognition either. "He just wanted us to help out someone else," Sandy said. "So that’s what we are going to do."

Sandy and her mother are truly grateful and feel very blessed. "Please let everyone know we found him and we will definitely help out someone else."

The most important lesson Sandy says she learned from this experience is to just be kind to everyone. "You just never know when you are going meet an angel. It meant the world to us."

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