As a police officer, you never know what experiences your day is going to hold. You could be making a traffic stop. You could be doing paperwork. Or you could be helping out a friendly neighborhood goat.

That's right out of a page in one New York officer's book this week after she rescued a goat trapped in a fence.

Officer Neena Testa from the Cortland County Sheriff's Office was dispatched to help a goat earlier this week. The goat had somehow gotten its head stuck in a fence and couldn't free itself. When Officer Testa arrived, she moved the goat's head, allowing it to wiggle out of the fence and roam more comfortably.

Shoutout to Officer Testa for her adaptability as a civil servant and willingness to help a four-legged farm friend in need!

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This is just one more story to add to the long list of great animal rescues in New York. Just last week, an off-duty Syracuse Police Officer and three good Samaritans saved two dogs who were trapped inside a burning home in Cicero. Officer James Nowodworski and National Grid contractor Don Tinsch were among the group who rescued the dogs from the home on Guy Road and carried them to safety. The other two good Samaritans have not yet been identified.

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