Gloriana, James Wesley and Dustin Lynch gave a performance that still has people talking during our Intimate Acoustic Show.  If you missed it, here's some of the action.  If you were there, relive the night.

Gloriana not only broke the news of Tom Gossin's engagement while on stage at the Rome Capitol Theater, they did an amazing cover of Pure Prairie League's 'Amie.' The harmonies were incredible. And all done on the spur of the moment because Tom just felt like singing that song.

Gloriana 'Amie'


Let me first say, James Wesley is much more handsome in person.  His picture do him absolutely no justice.  And his personality matches his appearance.  I think James would have slept on the theater stage after he learned it was haunted.  He of course sang his big hit 'Real' for the crowd.

James Wesley 'Real'

Dustin Lynch not only has the bluest eyes, but the nicest smile.  He was such a great guy, standing with James Wesley after the show, signing every autograph and taking pictures with everyone who wanted one, including myself.  We had to take several to make sure we got the right shot.  OK, maybe it was just that I didn't want to leave his side.  Hear his hit 'Cowboys & Angels.'

Dustin Lynch 'Cowboys & Angels'


A big thank you to Geoff Storm and Vicky White for shooting the video and Geoff for using his free time to put these together so we can all enjoy the night all over again.