What a show!  Our first acoustic show may not be our last.  A large crowd enjoyed music and stories at the Rome Capitol Theater with Gloriana, James Wesley and Dustin Lynch. They told stories, sang their hits and even did an impromptu jam session at the end of the show.  If  that wasn't enough, all three stayed after the show to meet with fans, sign autographs and take pictures. 

I must say, it was nice to see Gloriana back home again.  It was also nice to see Dustin Lynch's beautiful blue eyes up close.  And James Wesley is way more handsome in person.  But more importantly, everyone was as nice as they are beautiful and talented.   Check out our pictures of the event.  From sound check, to the show. Thanks to Michelle Beach for sending us a few great shots.  Send us your best pictures of the show or tag us on Facebook.  And check back for video of the concert too.