FrogFest guest James Wesley is returning to central New York for a show at Turning Stone.

Wesley is looking forward to returning to a part of New York state many don't realize exists. "I love it up there. It's amazing to me how many people think there's nothing but blacktop and city. But around Utica, Rome and upstate New York, it's nothing but country and I love it. That's my kind of country."

FrogFest is Wesley's kind of concert. "That was so much fun. It was an amazing time." Our guest for two years even got to drive a tractor from White's Farm Supply to the stage, a moment Wesley says he won't soon forget. "We were in the back on the tractor coming around the backside of the stage and someone had blocked the road. I got held up. The band started vamping and they just kept vamping and I thought I was never going to get to the stage."

We hope Wesley has an easier time getting to the Tin Rooster at Turning Stone August 11th. He says you should get there by 9pm. "There's a lot of people requesting tickets and asking about the show so get there early for the show at 10pm."

White's Farm Supply


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