We've received a lot of questions regarding FrogFest 33, starring Dylan Scott. Here's a list of the most common questions and answers.

Q: What time do gates open?

A: Gates at the Herkimer County Fairgrounds will open up at 11:30 AM. You're more than welcome to get there early and stand in line. The music begins at 12 PM.

Q: Can I buy tickets at the gate?

A: Yes. Tickets will be available for $30 the day of FrogFest at the gate. Save $7 and buy them ahead of time.

Q: Do I have to pay for parking?

A: No. Parking is free.

Q: Am I allowed to bring a bag/purse into FrogFest?

A: Yes. The bag will be searched by our security teams at the gate to make sure it doesn't have any of the following: food, open containers, weapons or drugs.

Q: Am I allowed to bring a cooler with drinks inside?

A: No. There is no outside coolers or beer/liquor allowed in. Even if your cooler is empty, it is not allowed. There will be plenty of vendors selling food and drinks.

Q: Am I able to go back out to the parking lot once I get into FrogFest?

A: Unfortunately, no. There is no re-entry policy at FrogFest. Make sure you have everything you need including ID, wallet, purse, and money when you enter the gates.

Q: Can I bring my lawn chair in?

A: Yes, you're encouraged to bring in your chairs since there are no seats provided other than under the pavilion and inside the VIP tent.

Q: Are umbrellas/canopies allowed?

A: No umbrellas or canopies are allowed. There will be plenty of places to sit in the shade.

Q: Are kids under 10 free?

A: Yes. Adults 10 and up will be required to purchase a ticket. Tickets will be sold $30 at the gate.

Q: Is there a hashtag to share FrogFest photos on social media?

A: Make sure to tag all photos and videos you share throughout the day with #FrogFest33. We'll feature some of the best fan moments on our website. You can also send your pictures through our BigFrog app.

Q: What time do my favorite acts start?

A: Music kicks off at 12 PM. Brook Moriber, Alexandria Corn, Frankie Justin, and Alyssa Trahan will be among the performers warming up the crowd for Dylan Scott, along with local bands Whiskey Creek, Broken Rule and Kickin' It.

See you Saturday, June 18 at the Herkimer County Fairgrounds for FrogFest, starring Dylan Scott, presented by Curtis Lumber.

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