When was your first Frogfest experience? Do you remember who performed that year? Mine is always a special memory.

My first FrogFest experience was in June of 2010. I just started working for Big Frog in fall of 2009, and was only on the air for the weekends. I volunteered to help watch the gates of FrogFest, and I also escorted Jeremiah through the crowd. It's a pretty important job, everyone needs someone to take pictures of them and the Frog!

I remember it being a hot day, but we had one heck of an entertainment lineup: Custom Taylor Band, Nancy Kenyon Band, Hillbilly Horns, Tim Creaser, TJ Sacco, Strung Sideways and headliner Josh Turner:


I remember when this song first came out, and of course, I remember listening to Josh Turner singing it on stage. It was a long amazing day. Of course we've grown a ton since 2010 with FrogFest.

Since then, some of my favorite FrogFest memories include meeting Eric Paslay, playing cornhole back stage with many of the acts, and of course watching your reactions when the main act hit the stage. Also, back in 2014, I got married on FrogFest. That's got to be on the top of the list right?

When was your first FrogFest? Who performed that year? Let us know below:




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