LOCASH isn't the only one putting a ring on her finger. Moments before our FrogFest 30 stars hit the stage, a Marcy farmer surprised his girlfriend with a proposal.

John Battle Jr wanted nothing more than to make Jennifer Blair his wife. Saturday, June 9th his wish came true at FrogFest. The couple was brought on stage with Jennifer thinking they were there to thank a farmer.  "The most important thing is the love and support from my girlfriend Jennifer," John said before dropping to one knee. "I got one thing I just got to ask you. Will you marry me?" Jennifer said yes!


John was the winner of 'Put in a Ring on It,' presented by Hannoush Jewelers. "She would never think I'd every do this type of thing in front of so many people nor would she ever expect me to take a day off of the farm during such s busy time of year," wrote John. And she didn't. Jennifer says she had no clue. "You got me. I'm shocked."


The surprise wasn't easy to pull off. There were secret messages. "I had to delete text messages so she wouldn't see them," says John. There were nerves. "I've been a nervous wreck all week." Then there was his grandmother's ring that John gave Jennifer as a promise ring. "I picked a fight with her the night before and took the ring back. As we were walking in to FrogFest she kept saying 'I can't believe you did that last night' and all I could think was wait til you see what's coming."

We hope happily ever after is what's coming for the happy couple.

FrogFest Engagement