If you're on Main Street in Remsen you wouldn't know there was a 90 acres farm two doors down from the fire department. This week's 'Farm Hands' took us to the Horn farm, that's been in the family since 1945.

There was no milking cows since the Horn family raise pigs and beef cattle, but there was plenty of work to do. First it was the pigs where I set a record for being covered in the most poop. They were much bigger than I thought and bigger pigs means more poop, which I had to clean before laying down new bedding and food.

Then it was off to feed the chickens with 7 year-old Riley Horn and collect the eggs. The only ones I could find were the fake ones, but at least I didn't get pecked.

Beef cattle were next but they were in the back field. WAY in the back field since the Horn family owns close to 90 acres. It was original over 100 but some land was donated to the Remsen school and some went towards the new Route 12 project, which we had to cross under.

The electric fence was the tricky part of the day. After moving the cattle to the next pasture, we had to put the fence back up. But don't touch the string because it's not just string. There's a wire inside that will give you a shock. "Daddy I can do it better than her," was Riley's response after the third shock.

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