The final 'Farm Hands' took us to Sugarbush Dairy in Vernon where Polly learned what tell tailing is.

Mike Latzkowski runs the farm that he bought in 2011. He'd milked the herd before we arrived so all we had to was feed the cows and then tell tail. What the heck is tell tail?

Tell tailing is marking the cow's tails so the farmer can tell when the bull has 'done his business.' The tail is painted pink so when the bull gets on the back of the cow, it rubs the paint off. Sounds easy enough and it was until one cow kicked me and kicked me hard. I had no idea they could kick that far back and that fast.

Once all the cows were tell tailed, we let them out to the pasture. The bull looked like he was going to do his business right away but the cow he was interested in wasn't in heat so he changed his mind and moved on.

We want to thank all the farmers for allowing us to come and disrupt their daily routine every week. We learned something new at each farm and had a blast once again this year.

Farm Hand’ is presented by White’s Farm Supply. All farmer enjoyed breakfast from Riverside Diner, a $50 White’s Farm Supply gift card and 4 tickets to FrogFest, June 10th at the Utica Rome Speedway, starring Chris Janson.


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