The latest 'Farm Hands' took us to Wilde Wind Farm in Deerfield. A farm we thought was full of cows. Turned out it was horses and I said I'd never go to a horse farm again. It's hard work! I was breathing heavy within 15 minutes.

Kathy Salvo had me leading the horses into the paddock. But that was the easy part. It was the delivering of hay in a wheelbarrow, carrying heavy buckets of water and mucking stalls that wears you out. I even had to catch chickens, but I gave Rocky a run for his money.

I also gave Nitro a run for his money. He has to be taken to a pen by himself. But getting him there is tricky. Nitro likes to eat the grass and once he starts you can't get him into the pen. So Kathy told me to "keep his head up or you'll never get him in the pen." Nitro fought me every step of the way, but we made it. Not only into the pen but back into the barn.

Then it was time to brush Kathy's horse Lucky and clean his hooves. It gave me the opportunity to get up close to such a beautiful animal. It was a little too close though when Lucky decided to fart in my face. I think he may have even laughed after.

After all the work was done it was time to ride a horse, something I haven't done in years.

Kathy Salvo, who grew up on the farm, not only takes care of the horses, she's also a 2nd grade teacher. She called in Carol and Gail to help with the chores and we thank all 3 women for making a memorable morning. Despite the hesitation of working on another horse farm, we had a blast! I may be back just to say hi to Lucky

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