A Facebook user named Stephen Roseman posted a picture of a dog on December 23rd and told everyone that the pup had been burned trying to save a family from a fire. People believed this, and shared the photo. However, it was far from the truth. 

According to Fox8, this isn’t a dog burn victim, It's simply a dog with a piece of ham on his face.

Many users felt duped after realizing this…others thought it was pretty funny. And yet others continue to share the picture."

Yesterday when the picture was posted to my news feed, it was pretty clear it was a fake. So I decided to respond with this:

My cat has a rare case of the chicken pox. He could die. If he doesn't get enough prayers in 24 hours he will turn into...

Posted by Dave Wheeler on Wednesday, December 30, 2015

My cat Oliver was not harmed with this photo. He was cleaned up properly, and enjoyed cat treats after the fact.


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