Are you excited for the Guy's Expo at the Utica Auditorium this Saturday? What about meeting Brooke Hogan there? We were lucky enough to get a few minutes of her time to ask her a few questions.

The daughter of Hulk Hogan was raised in Clearwater Beach, Florida by Hulk and wasn't ever fully aware of who her dad was when she was growing up. "My brother and I only ever knew him as ‘our dad’," says Brooke, "and there’s still a level of mystique and it never wears off, even when we see the level of impact he’s had on the world.”

Brooke Hogan has lived all over the country, including Nashville and travelling back and forth between Florida and L.A. Brooke even got the chance to improve her French when she lived up in Montreal filming a new show Fashion Hero, "which is kind of like America’s Top Model but with real people." She has different reasons for loving each places she's lived. "Nashville is where I found my heart, most of my lifetime friends are there and the energy is incredible. L.A. is where my brother and mom are and I can stay busy working here. Florida is where my roots are. My heart is in a million places around the United States.”

Brooke says that she is "proud to be turning 30 and finding the spot into my niche and career spots that I'm supposed to be in." She was one of the first to pioneer the trend of collaborating with rappers, even when she signed her first record deal at age 13. But even though she's more of a pop star, Brooke still loves her country music! "I fell in love with Nashville because of the songwriters. It was a different style of music than what I was used to writing. I really learned that art of songwriting in Nashville. It’s hard for me to listen to anything but country.”

A lot of people wonder whether or not all of the reality shows that Brooke has been on is an actual representation of her life. "The show was supposed to be Hulk Hogan as a ‘stage mom’ where he hands me my lipstick or microphone. That was really the hook for the show. It helped with the music but it ended up becoming bigger than we thought. It was mostly unscripted but eventually it became harder to not have a plan for what we were going to do.”

Now, we know what you're thinking. I wonder if I'm the type of guy Brooke would be into? Even though "everyone pictures me with a ‘Ken Doll’ type of guy. I always go for the different guys," Brooke says. "burly, hairy, or a skinny rocker type of guy the big thing is that they get mentally inside my head. If you’ve got brains or are funny, then I’m yours.”

We also asked if she considers herself as a daddy's girl. “I’m a super daddy’s girl. It’s hard to not be with my dad.” Brooke said.

If you want to meet Brooke yourself, she'll be at the Guy's Expo at the Utica Aud this Saturday. Make sure you stop by to meet her!

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