For many people in the country music industry, 2020 was a time of uncertainty, rest, stress, and growth. Without much opportunity to play live shows, artists used the opportunity to not just grow, but to also, like many others, get back to things they love in life outside of music.

In a recent Instagram live with Big Frog 104, country artist and Ohio native Teddy Robb said the coronavirus pandemic gave him the chance to revisit and grow his relationship with the outdoors, which has become the focal point of his new single, "Heaven on Dirt."

"I was there for a minute during the pandemic, like every weekend I was trying to do something that I could consider like my own 'Heaven on Dirt,'" Robb said. "I was going horseback riding or fishing or ATVing or hunting, like just doing something different every week, so it was a pretty fun summer."

Granted, Robb said he would have much rather spent his year playing live shows, but given the circumstances, he was able to make the most of 2020 and get back to some of his lifelong passions that had been put to the wayside a bit after he moved to Nashville in 2013.

"I moved down here and learned pretty quickly that I had a long way to go and I had a lot of work to do, so a lot of those things I did growing up, I kind of pushed to the side for the last eight years," Robb said. "[I] just really kept my head down and was working on my craft as much as possible and trying to get those ten thousand hours in. Having this year happen and this song, getting to kind of go back and do some of those things again, I relearned what kind of makes me happy and makes me tick and makes me have fun."

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Robb performed his single "Heaven on Dirt" on Instagram live, and debuted an unreleased song, "Get Away With It," which he said he had never played in front of anyone before.

Watch the full interview and performances from Teddy Robb on the Big Frog 104 Instagram.

"Heaven on Dirt" will be one of six songs featured on Country on the Rise on January 30 at 9 a.m. Check out the full lineup of new country music featured on the episode here.

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