Chris Janson headlines FrogFest 29 at the Utica-Rome Speedway June 10th. He's so excited he even got up early to talk to Tad & Polly.

Early mornings aren't unusual for Janson, who's a dad first and a musician second. "One side of your head wakes up in a puddle full of milk. Then you roll over and you’re in a puddle full of pee," jokes Janson. "But I don’t think life could get any better."

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By day, Janson gives everything he has to his wife and kids. By night, he gives it all to the fans. "Every night is different," he says. "But that’s the coolness of it. I just get up and let the music do the talking and I follow along."

'Buy Me a Boat' was Janson's first #1 and yes, he has a Yeti 110. "I’ve always been an outdoorsman, so I was buying those coolers and using them even before the song," says Janson. "Most of the songs I write, there’s always a true story behind it. With that one I just looked outside and I saw my truck and a cooler in the back."

How about a boat? Does Janson have one of those too? "I don’t have time for that," he says. "We did close to 300 dates last year. Maybe one day."

I just let the music talk. If you let the music lead you, you can’t go wrong. It’s brought me to stages I could never really fathom.

One day won't be anytime soon. Janson is hitting the road with Sam Hunt this summer and Tim McGraw & Faith Hill this fall. Plus his latest song, 'Holdin' Her' is hitting the Top 20 charts. "It’s my favorite song, and I’m stoked its doing good," says Janson. "People always ask me what’s the real story with you and there’s two ways two describe it. 'How I’ll Always Be,' the song I wrote for McGraw, is the true depiction of myself and 'Holdin’ Her' is the life that I live every day."

'Holdin' Her' is connecting with more people than Janson could even imagine. "The song is way bigger than I ever though it would be," he says. "It’s turned out to be a lot of people’s stories and people are showing up and getting married and getting engaged. It’s a touching thing."

Music has been a part of Janson's life from an early age. "I started playing guitar at age 8, and then picked up almost every other instrument you could think of," he says. "If you just set goals high, you can achieve them. You gotta shoot for the stars."

Over 20 years later Janson already has several career highlights. But what tops the list? "Having my first number one as an artist on the radio with Boat," says Janson. "But Vince Gill's introduction on the Opry stage was pretty crazy. There have been some pretty incredible moments throughout my whole musical career."

Rick Diamond/Getty Images
Rick Diamond/Getty Images

Another highlight for Janson is his recent ACM New Artist of the Year nomination. He's been described as explosive and unpredictable on stage, a wild horse not meant to be tamed and the future of country music. A description that seems to embarrass but amaze Janson. “If you let the music lead you, you can’t go wrong. It’s brought me to stages I could never really fathom.”

The path to success was once paved with alcohol for Janson. Something he says he gave up after getting engaged. "I wanna be the best husband I can be. I have no problem with anyone who drinks. In fact I collect whiskey. But when I got with Kelly I knew I was going to be marrying this women and I was going to become a step dad. I just didn’t want to be that guy, so I just quit."

The guy Janson is today; a family man who shares his life though music. "I’m a simple kind of guy, and my inspiration comes from things I see and things I do. I spend a majority of time with my family, doing things the simple things in life. That’s where I get most of my inspiration."

"There’s a couple of things I don’t do, says Janson."I dont' gamble, and I don’t do the stocks, I just keep it simple, work hard, pray hard and save as much as you can."

The self proclaimed small town Redneck will fit right in with the FrogFest crowd. "I'm looking forward to it," says Janson.

Get your $20 advance sale tickets for FrogFest 29, presented by White's Farm Supply. Janson takes the stage June 10th at the Utica Rome Speedway, thanks to Jay-K Lumber.


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