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Evidence of the inspirational resilience and passion of this young athlete is his recent performance at Junior Nationals in Park City. After completing his first round of chemo, Duncan hopped on a plane to Utah to train and compete, coming home with three bronze medals. Seeing this kind of dedication and heart gives me high hopes for the future of a sport that I have grown up in and dedicated my life to.
Knowing that the primary focus of his family is obviously on Duncan's health, and rightly so, we hope to not only support them in beating cancer but also help offset the costs of being an aspiring luger and support him as a fellow athlete.

Here are a couple photos of Duncan with High Spirits!

Locks for Luge via CrowdRise
Locks for Luge via CrowdRise

So if you want to see Erin get a haircut and support this outstanding young athlete, you are encouraged to visit They have a very attainable goal and you can be a part of helping this great cause.