Do you drive down the thruway with an E-Z Pass in your car or truck? Have you ever wondered if this little contraptions is tracking your every move? You are not alone.

According to The Blaze, a New Jersey man modified his E-Z Pass to alert him every time it was being connected by an outside source. When you drive down the thruway, or other toll roads, they get scanned when you drive under spots to pay for tolls. What this man found was that his E-Z Pass was being read on outside roads often.

The man going by the name Puking Monkey rigged a cow-shaped device to light up and make “moo” sound every time the E-Z Pass’ RFID card was read. The man recorded video of the device being read in non-toll areas and presented his findings at the hacking conference Defcon, which took place in August."


Granted, his name is a little goofy, but the video findings are creepy.

Forbes talked to a spokesperson for the New York Department of Transportation. What they found are that E-Z Pass readers are on highways across New York City, Manhattan, Brooklyn and Staten Island. These readers have been in use for years and help provide real time traffic updates and more. But the scary part Forbes points out, the DOT didn't really explain what exactly was read from the passes or how long geolocation information from the passes was kept.

Kashmir Hill for Forbes also pointed out that the use of an E-Z Pass as a tracking device — outside of its original use for paying tolls — is not included in the terms and conditions.

Is this just another case of Big Brother watching our every move?  The Blaze points out that this story is not the first time E-Z Pass have worried the public about tracking.

There’s also been suggestions that the devices be used to film activity inside cars as well."

What's your thoughts on this? Granted, our cell phones track about every movement we make too.



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