According to BMC Public Health, 25-percent of men and women who are in debt are medically obese. But, a new study by Vileda shows an easy way to lose weight is to simply pick up a mop.

The study by BMC shows that people tend to eat more fattening food when they have financial worries because healthier food is too costly. It also shows that because of money problems, people don't participate in leisure activities and end up sitting in front of the television snacking.

Now, an easy, at-home exercise to lose that weight is as simple as mopping the floor. According to Vileda's study, an hour of mopping burns the same calories as riding an exercise bike for an hour--that's 238 calories.

If you wanted to take the exercise routine out of the house, an hour of ballroom dancing or 30 minutes of football will burn 238 calories, too.

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