The Oneida County Sheriff’s Office is launching a new tool to protect families and children from sexual predators.

The Sheriff’s Office has partnered with OffenderWatch, the nation’s leading sex offender registry, to offer the free app.

After downloading the Offender Watch app, residents will be able to see registered sex offenders who live near them or their family members.

photo courtesy of OffenderWatch
photo courtesy of OffenderWatch

They will also get alerts when a sex offender moves into their neighborhood.

And the app also offers online safety information and tips for how to talk to children about sex offenders.

Families will have the option to choose to upgrade the app to a paid version, which includes more features.

The app is available for both Android and iPhone smartphone devices

“The Offender Watch App is a great tool for our community. The Oneida County Sheriff’s Office places public safety at the forefront, the Offender Watch App is another tool that the public can use to increase family safety.” says Sheriff Robert Maciol

Here’s How the OffenderWatch App Works:

  • Parents who sign up for the OffenderWatch App download the app on their own smartphone and their child’s Android or iPhone device.
  • In the free version of the app, parents can see their child’s location and the location of registered sex offenders.
  • Parents will receive notifications if a sex offender moves into their neighborhood.
  • For the paid version, the app also monitors the child’s smartphone texts, emails, location and phone calls in the background, without storing the child’s messages or interfering with its use.
  • If a registered sex offender contacts the child, or if the child the child lingers near the address of a sex offender, the parent or guardian receives an instant notification.
  • From there, parents should ask their children about their smartphone activity or contact law enforcement to investigate.

Parents and guardians can download the app or learn more at

One in five teens has received an unwanted sexual solicitation online, according to the Crimes Against Children Research Center.

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