Imagine heading to the country club, but not for golf, for racing. That's the whole idea behind Pineview Run Auto and Country Club.

Have you ever wanted to see how well your sports car performs without worrying about breaking traffic laws? Pineview Run is the place for you.

Instead of golf, Pineview Run offers members a private road course and racetrack facility where you can bring your big boy(or girl) toys and drive them how you always imagined driving them. Fast.

The track is 1.1 miles of smooth race-grade asphalt with challenging elevation changes and curves.

Pineview Run has professional driving instruction, track-side support, premium car storage, race car rentals and a family karting facility.

Memberships offer horseback riding, karting, skeet shooting, hunting, ATV riding snowmobiling and nature trails.

And of course they offer the full services of any country club, like fine dining, a cigar bar, and a full bar and lounge.

How cool does this place sound? Its about 40 minutes away from Utica in La Fayette, NY.

Thinking of buying that new Corvette but you don't want the police to take it away because you want to drive it like it was supposed to be driven? Pineview Run Country Club was built for you.

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