There is no question that New York State has some of the best lakes in the entire country. Whether it be as far north as the Adirondacks, or right in our own backyard there is no shortage of swimming, fishing, or boating destinations to enjoy. One of the best hidden gems sits tucked away in Syracuse, NY.

Green Lakes State Park has two gorgeous bodies of pristine water in Green Lake and Round Lake. Not only does this park have the two beautiful lakes to offer, but running/biking trails, picnic and camping areas, and even a golf course. Located at 7900 Green Lakes Road in Fayetteville, NY this summer destination can be enjoyed in various ways year-round.

What sets these two lakes apart from others is the fact that they have no "turnover." What does that mean? According to the New York 'Only In Your State' website, the upper and lower levels of the lake don't mix. As a result, the water in the lake is so clear in some cases, you can see right to the bottom. If you haven't made a trip out there yet, you definitely need to put it on your 'Do Before Fall' To-Do list.

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