With all the negative news we see every day, it's nice to see something good locally happening. Eric Adsit is in our spotlight in Rome for helping one veteran attempt to get his sick mother home.

Pamela Adsit wrote to us here at Big Frog to talk about what she calls the "most generous act" she's ever seen. Her and Eric were at the Fastrac in Rome when a veteran was asking for donations to help get his Mother home to Central New York. This veterans mother has stage one cancer, and is stuck out of state.

At first Eric handed him a $5 bill and the man seemed so grateful just for the five so Eric decided that five wasn't enough he told the man to wait outside and he would go in and get change from the $100 he had but then decided otherwise and gave that veteran that whole $100 this man was so grateful."

The veteran wanted to get down and earn the cash by doing 150 push ups in under 60 seconds. Of course Eric didn't think that was necessary, and just wanted to help this man out. That's a beautiful story, and nice to see there are good people in this world.



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