Hear ye, hear ye, thou shalt get thrown from The Masters if thou yell two banned words - Dilly Dilly. But Friends of the Crown hath crafted a brilliant plan to keep fans out of the Pit of Misery.

Security at The Masters golf tournament in Augusta, Georgia have been told to escort anyone off the course who yells the famous Bud Light catchphrase, according to Bunkered. The response from The King scores a hole in one.

If fans cannot SAY Dilly Dilly, they can WEAR Dilly Dilly. 1000 shirts are being made and delivered in time for the festivities, according to Bud Light's tweet.

Bud Light
Bud Light

'Dilly Dilly was just one of many banned words at The Masters this year. Skratchtv posted the full list on Instagram. It includes Baba Booey, Mashed Potatoes, You Da Man, # (anything) and a number of other ridiculous phrases. 'Get in the bunker' got a fan thrown off a course in February, according to Sporting News.

Yelling AT or rooting AGAINST a player is one thing. Yelling something silly is another. It may be childish and stupid, but it's amusing, especially for fans watching that don't play golf. Banning Dilly Dilly seems sillier than the words themselves, which is just another way to give approval by the way.

Dilly Dilly Bud Light! Tell the King he may want to consider making more than 1000 shirts. Fans not even on the course are going to want to buy one too. I'll take mine in medium!


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