Think of it: you're on a date and the bill comes; what do you do? Well, according to, plan on paying for everything. Now, what other dating dos will make you seem like the perfect gentleman?

Again, according to, you should always pick your date up. I'm assuming they mean in the car because physically lifting your date might turn out bad. And, they say to make the date great, treat it as if it were an occasion--really go all out. Another tip to make sure your date goes well is to do the classic move: give her your coat. also says you should respect her old-fashioned ways. And, finally, to ensure there is another date, they say you should always follow up.

So, a quick break down: pay for everything, pick her up, go all out and treat it as a special occasion like a birthday, do the old give-her-your-coat move, embrace her old-fashionedness and finally, a no brainer, if the date was great, call her back.

So, that's what says are the best things to do on a date. What do you do when you go on a date?