Move over Jay Laverly. There's new dancing farmers in town. Three upstate New York girls have danced their way into millions of hearts after going viral for their #DairyDanceOff.

The Wright sisters, Madisyn, 14, Bailey, 12, and Peyton 8, went viral after their mother Nichole Wright posted a video of her girls dancing on Facebook. It was meant to raise awareness of low milk prices farmers continue to struggle with.

"This Dairy Dance Off was meant to turn a negative into a positive and make people smile," says Maidsyn. "It took several hours since we were all laughing, including our mom. She had to keep re-shooting the video because she was laughing so hard it was shaking the camera."

The Wright sisters 'Don't Stop Believin'' video has over 40 million views on Facebook. Their 'When It Rains it Pours' isn't as popular but still has more than 150,000 views. And if there's one thing farmers can relate to right now it's...when it rains, it pours.

Lavery went viral, dancing to 'Cheap Thrills' on his Sharon Springs farm in January 2017. He appeared on Ellen a few weeks later and we even got an inside peek during 'Farm Hands' last April.

Will Ellen be calling the Wright sisters next?


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