I'll admit to being one of "those guys" that made light of curling during the Olympics.  Have you ever tried it?  Thanks to the great folks at the Utica Curling Club, Polly Wogg and I received a free lesson.  Check out some short videos and photos from the night.

This video should be called "Fat Guy Down" or "My Foot Goes Where?"

I have enough trouble walking and chewing game. Now I'm being told, "put this on your foot," "lean on this," "put your feet here," "push this blue round thing" and "don't forget to turn your wrist." How about if I just focus on not falling fall down.

I don't even sweep around the house when I spill something, that's why I have a dog. So sweeping while trying to keep up with the "rock" on ice is a bit challenging. How about if I just sweep beside the rock instead of in front of it.

If I learned anything, it was a whole new respect for those that curl. It is a lot harder than it looks! But as our instructor said, "It's the only sport where your beer stays cold." I think he had me pegged from the start. Check out some photos from the night. I'm going to go lay down and rest my stiff back.