Do you believe in the possibility that we're not alone? Or are you skeptical anytime you hear someone claim to see UFOs?

Something or someone may have flown over Utica, New York. Several lights can be seen in a compilation of the best UFO Sighting Of The Year from UfoAr Ufo Research Team. At the 8:03 mark of the 10:00 minute video, you can see what looks like a cluster of stars, similar to the big dipper, over Utica on June 6, 2021. The only thing is, it was daylight.

The lights eventually move closer together before one can be seen moving away from the rest. What exactly was it? No one knows for sure. But UFO does stand for unidentified flying object. The lights were unidentified and the objects did look to fly off.

On the same day, another sighting was shared in New York state. You can see it at the 4:55 mark of the video. Although there's no explanation of where in New York it was.

New York Mills Sighting

This isn't the first reported sighting in Central New York. In June 2020, a sighting was reported over New York Mills to MUFON:

Witnessed by 3. There was no wind blowing that night the lights were moving on their own like they were alive. Audio removed due to foul language in the video"

New York Mills UFO Sighting- June 2020

Watervliet Sighting

Another UFO sighting was reported to Mufon on Friday October 16, 2020:

I first observed a line of five lights lined up over the entire city of Watervliet, NY while driving north on Interstate 787 at approximately 10:15 pm on Friday, October 16, 2020. I got off highway to investigate and observed two waves of these lights, some in line, others in a V formation traveling west to east. Some disappeared in a blink, sometimes reappearing elsewhere, others seemed to change flight paths. At first I thought these might be Starlink satellites but it was rainy and heavily overcast and these were below the cloud line. Exact size, altitude, and nature of UAPs in unknown."

Albany Area- Watervliet UFO October 2020- 8

Do you believe?

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