Two waves of bright spherical lights were seen passing over the city of Watervliet New York traveling west to east. Have you seen anything like this?

This UFO sighting was reported to Mufon happening on Friday October 16th 2020 around 10:30PM:

I first observed a line of five lights lined up over the entire city of Watervliet, NY while driving north on Interstate 787 at approximately 10:15 pm on Friday, October 16, 2020. I got off highway to investigate and observed two waves of these lights, some in line, others in a V formation traveling west to east. Some disappeared in a blink, sometimes reappearing elsewhere, others seemed to change flight paths. At first I thought these might be Starlink satellites but it was rainy and heavily overcast and these were below the cloud line. Exact size, altitude, and nature of UAPs in unknown."

There is 3 different videos to watch of this sighting:

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Since 2009, Watervliet has reported over 6 UFO sightings to MUFON. Another sighting back in 2014, sounds very similar to the 2020 sighting:

My boyfriend and I were outside smoking a cigarette on our porch and I noticed two strange lights in the sky about maybe a mile away that were moving but stayed within the same distance from each other. After that, my boyfriend pointed out two other ones going into the same direction. This happened a few times. Every time, we paid close attention to them. After moving slowly for a while, they just disappeared. As silly as that sounds. We waited outside and thought it was over with, but about 3 or 4 minutes later, we saw 2 more. I knew when I saw it that it wasn't a plane because planes don't look like that, even at night. We were going through all of the possibilities such as drones and whatnot. I was scared, so I looked up UFO sightings and saw something really similar to what we saw which led me to report it because I'm still scared. The object was circular, from what I could see, but it had a red/orange glow to it. I don't know if this is enough information or not, and I apologize if it's not. I would just really like someone to let me know what just happened."

Here's some photos from the most recent sighting:

Albany Area- Watervliet UFO October 2020- 8

New York Mills UFO Sighting- June 2020

UFO Sightings Over CNY 2020


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