We all clean out our wallets now and then. In fact, every time I fill up my car with gas that cleans out my wallet! Seriously, we all carry way too much stuff in our wallets (I've found doctor appointment cards for 2007 in mine), and often we carry items that we shouldn't. With identity theft on the rise, we have to be careful what we put in our wallets.

Phil Cole/Getty Images

According to a recent Kiplinger article on Netscape, here are items that they recommend you not carry in your wallet for security reasons:

1. Social Security Card

2. A list of your various passwords

3. Spare keys to your home

4. An extra blank check

5. Your passport

6. Various credit cards

7. You birth certificate

8. Credit card receipts

Kind of makes you wonder what should you carry in your wallet? The point is, we all have to think what the contents of our wallet could mean in the hands of an identity thief.