Impaired and unsafe driving is never okay. But rates of reckless driving typically increase around popular holidays, especially when alcohol is involved, so the New York State Police are cracking down on crazy drivers out there this weekend.

“During this Thanksgiving holiday weekend I encourage all New Yorkers to make safety their top priority," Superintendent Keith Corlett said in a NYSP press release. "If your celebrations include alcohol, plan ahead to ensure you have a safe ride home. There’s simply no excuse to get behind the wheel if you’re impaired, and State Troopers will have zero tolerance. Make the right choice and avoid the senseless tragedies caused by impaired driving.”

The period of special enforcement this holiday weekend starts today and runs through Sunday, December 1. Not only does drunk driving put the driver and others at risk, it can also put a large dent in your bank account. According to NYSP, a typical drunk driving arrest costs around $10,000. Last Thanksgiving holiday weekend, state troopers made 215 DWI arrests and issued 5,834 tickets for speeding and 774 tickets for distracted driving. They also ticketed 218 drivers for move over law violations, so remember to move over and slow down for stopped vehicles on the side of the road.

If you feel buzzed or drunk, don't get behind the wheel. It's not worth it, especially with all the resources now. Call an Uber, a Lyft, a cab or a friend! Just please do not drive yourself.

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