A simple gesture can go a long way and this one will leave you with all the feels.

Rochester police began a new tradition over the holidays of saying good night to the patients at Golisano Children's Hospital. "After hearing about similar events at children's hospitals across the country, Officer Jason Blanchard and Lt. Richard Waldo where inspired to start the project in Rochester," says Jess at Golisano Children's Hospital. "They wanted to let kids in the hospital know the community was thinking of them."

Every Wednesday dozens of officers pulled over in front of the hospital, turned on their flashing lights and said "good night" to all the children and their families who waited by the window. After the first week, other local law enforcement agencies and fire departments joined in.

Kids at the hospital received light-up glow sticks and were able to wave back down to the officers. "We can't begin to describe how much this has meant to children and their families, and we are so grateful to the officers who started this initiative," says Jess.

Samantha Gardner, whose daughter, Tyler, was in the hospital says it meant more than the officers will ever know. “It almost felt like a gift for us to be able to witness something like this. It will be a memory we will cherish for years to come.”

Photo Credit - Galisano Children's Hospital
Photo Credit - Galisano Children's Hospital

Rochester Police hope to continue the tradition during the holidays again this year.

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