A mare died within an hour of delivering a foal and the community pulled together to find the filly a new mom in New Berlin.

The mare died after a rupture of the main artery to her uterus leaving the foal without a mother. Vets at the Leatherstocking Veterinary Services asked for help finding a nurse mare on Facebook. "This filly lost her mare within an hour of foaling. The foal is up and active but as we know it would be much more natural to be raised on a mare than with milk replacer."

After over 15,000 shares on Facebook a nurse mare was found. "Thank you for the tremendous outpouring of support for the orphan foal. We were overwhelmed with offers of places to call to locate a nurse mare. A local mare has been brought to the clinic and is currently bonding with the foal."

The instinct to protect the young isn't just in humans. The mare and foal bonded and both are doing well. "The mare is already producing some milk and has bonded well with the orphan foal. Although we are still supplementing the foal with some milk it has been nursing from the mare and is so much happier to have a new mom."

Leatherstocking Veterinary Services
Leatherstocking Veterinary Services


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