The world is STILL waiting for April the giraffe to give birth at the Animal Adventure Park. Today she's getting some love all the way from Namibia, Africa.

Giraffe Conservation Foundation founders Stephanie and Julian send well wishes from the wild. "We wanted to wish April all the best."

The Animal Adventure Park hopes to bring awareness to the plight of the giraffe as well as the need to create a sustainable future for them. They've teamed up with Toys R US and will be donating $25,000 to the Foundation.

"We're really excited about the partnership with Animal Adventure Park" says Julian. "Together we feel we can make a difference in saving giraffes in the wild."

There's only about 100,000 giraffes remaining in Africa. "Numbers have dropped by over 40% in the last 30 years and no one has really paid attention," explains Stephanie. "Together we can all make a difference for giraffes in the wild."

"GCF is the only non-governmental organization in the world that concentrates only on the conservation and management of giraffe, in the wild, in Africa and we are thrilled to be able to support such a worthy cause," wrote the Animal Adventure Park on Facebook.

By the way, April is moving slower and wax caps are still present. Her back end swell continues to be significant. "Belly growth from last week to this week is still mind blowing. She has to fit a 6', 150# calf somewhere," says park owner Jordan Patch.


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