What would you do if you went outside to find your car "keyed" up? Yeah, you probably wouldn't be too happy, would you?

Now, just imagine how you would feel if you owned a whole fleet of cars and they were your livelihood? Well, that's exactly what happened to "Used Car King" Todd Caputo at his Sun Chevrolet Dealership in Chittenango. Monday, thirty vehicles were "keyed" including several which were owned by employees of the dealership.

The damage to all the cars is estimated to be around $50,000.

According to Syracuse.com, Caputo is offering a $2,000 reward for information that may lead to the arrest and conviction of the individual or individuals responsible.

In a post on his Facebook page, Caputo said the same thing happened two weeks ago when 12 cars were damaged.

Chittenango Police are investigating both cases.

Caputo who is President of the Sun Chevrolet Dealership is the face of the company and is in many of the television commercials.

If you are ever a victim of a keyed car or other vandalism related damage, here are the steps to take to file an insurance claim from thebalance.com -

1. FILE A POLICE REPORT: Many insurance companies require a police report when it comes to a vandalism claim.

2. CONTACT YOUR INSURANCE AGENT/COMPANY: The claim needs to be filed directly with your insurance carrier.

3.  SPEAK WITH A CLAIMS ADJUSTER: Vandalism is the type of claim that should always require an insurance claims adjuster.

4. FIND OUT AND DETERMINE IF YOU HAVE RENTAL CAR COVERAGE: This is something you'll definitely want to know (depending on the extent of damage). If you do have this coverage you will find it on your insurance declarations page.

5. TAKE YOUR VEHICLE IN FOR REPAIR: Be sure to look for a repair shop who will guarantee their work.

6. PAY YOUR DEDUCTIBLE: You'll most likely pay the deductible directly to the repair shop. The amount of your deductible all depends on how it was set up when you wrote your insurance policy. Check you insurance declarations page to determine your deductible.


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