Don't Leave Your Gas Tank Low in Winter Weather
Have you often let you gas tank get so low, that little reminder light pops on and you sometimes even coast on fumes? You not only run the risk of running out of gas, leaving yourself stranded, you can actually harm your vehicle in the winter.
Ticket for Warming up Car
It's illegal to warm up your car and you can get a ticket. Just ask Nick Taylor who was fined $128 for warming up his car in his driveway.
Polly Wogg’s Old Car Quirks
Have your had your vehicle for some time?  Does it do strange things? I've had my Honda Civic since 2004.  It's the first vehicle I've actually owned.  It's been paid off for some time  but its been doing some funky things.  The latest is the driver side door handle.  It stays up when you open the d…
The Coolest Car in the World? [VIDEO]
When people think of their dream car, some people think BMW, Jaguar or Mercedes. Me? I think this car. It's called "Project Sea Lion." Not only is it a pretty cool car, it has a pretty cool name--Sea Lion. And, it has that name for a good reason. Not only is the car fully func…

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