Fans of the Walking Dead were shocked when Beth Greene met her end. Fans were outraged online, and pretty much all over the internet. However, one actor on the show wasn't devastated. The actor getting some backlash this morning is Chandler Riggs who plays the character Carl Grimes.

Moviepilot is reporting that Riggs recently spoke at a Q&A with fans and revealed to fans that he wasn't too upset when he was told that Beth was going to be killed off the show:

Well Scott called all of us (like he always does with character deaths) and told us that she would be dying. i figured it was bound to happen sometime, so i wasn't like sobbing or anything. plus i haven't really done a scene with her since the mid season finale of season 4, and before that was in like season 3. it wasn't like i hung out with her all the time, so it wasn't super devastating for me."

While the world is mourning, Carl isn't! Many fans of the show thought the two were going to have some sort of fling, however that never happened. Guess Carl will need to find some other type of farm girl out there.