The Walking Dead returns this Sunday. Fans have been biting their fingernails for months waiting for this moment. AMC has decided to release the first two minutes of the episode coming up on Sunday February 8th. Watch what we can expect on Sunday.

WARNING- Possible spoilers ahead.


After watching the clip, you see a lot of bizarre things going on. You see grief, you see blood, you see a funeral. You also see a series of old photos of what could be Pastor Gabriel or even Noah.

At the minute and a half mark you see what appeared to have been Woodbury. I don't think this was showing what Rick was actually talking about. The town looks identical to Woodbury from earlier seasons. After doing a quick Google search, it appears that's exactly what it was. Whats interesting about this, didn't the Governor burn part of it down? Also we see the prison as well. We have no idea if our crew of heros return to these places.

What do you think will happen in this episode?