Not having enough diapers is every parents worst fear. The CNY Diaper Bank is trying to help out parents across all of Central New York who may be struggling financially and need diapers.

Diapers can be an incredible expense. At home we are on a tight budget, and both of our children use diapers. Diapers are not covered by WIC or Foodstamps, and cost much more than you think. Each diaper adds up, and your wallet gets empty pretty fast.

The CNY Diaper Bank is in its 3rd year of collecting diapers for needy families. CNY Central has placed the goal this year at 100-thousand diapers.

A family can get 50 diapers a month per child through their programs, which is a budget stretcher. The Diaper Bank can also buy more, because it buys in bulk."

To make a donation of either diapers, or money, you can reach out to Diaper Bank.


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