Imagine sleeping outdoors when the temperature drops to -27. A group of boy scouts did just that for the annual Northern Lights Winter Camping seminar.

The seminar is a cold weather camping training for youth. "We teach them how to experience winter camping in a fun and safe way," says assistant boy scout leader Jim Shamis. "2 of the boys, this was their second time doing it so they must have enjoyed it. They get a lot out of it. They learn different skill sets. Each year it's a different environment, different situations. This year it was me showing them how to build a true quinzee."

Jim Shamis

The quinzee is what keeps the boys warm while they sleep overnight. "It was a 50 degree difference between where we slept and the outside temperature," says Shamis. "That's a big difference. Inside the air temperature never drops below 32 degrees."

A quinzee takes time to build. Shamis says his took about 3 hours. "You have to build a large pile of snow and let it freeze up. Then you have to carve it from the inside out and that takes some time."

The boy scouts also learned about proper clothing to wear in cold weather. "We show them the optimum winter clothing is wool because it never freezes. It can get wet and it'll still keep you warm. We always say cotton kills because it will freeze solid."

Jim Shamis

Just take a look at how a pair of jean froze solid in the video above.