How do you get a day off from school? Ask for one in song.

A West Genesee student got creative with his snow day request, singing it to Christopher Brown, the Superintendent of West Genesee Central School District.

Brown was impressed but not swayed in making a decision, tweeting "I get my own song! Creative! I will make the call between now and 5AM tmro."

Less than an hour later, Brown granted the student's request.

The travel advisory and remnants of Winter Storm Stella surely had more to do with Brown declaring a snow day than the song, but he enjoys using social media to talk with students. "Great family and great kid. Always like interacting with students on Twitter the night before a possible snow day," Brown wrote on Twitter.

Another student wanted 3 snow days in a row, writing his request in snow. But Brown wasn't optimistic. "I am sorry, but I don't see a three-peat. Save your idea for "Will U Marry Me?" when you find that special someone someday! #greatideas."


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