A central New York pizzeria is a big 'dill' after their pickle pizza goes viral.

Rhino's Pizzeria in Webster created a a dill pickle pizza with garlic sauce and mozzarella cheese that's served with Ranch dressing. "If you love pickles this is all you need," a post on their Facebook page reads. A post that's gone viral with close to 60 thousand shares and over 20 thousand comments that has created quite the debate on social media:

Melissa Mari:" Excuse me.......... pickle pizza....!!!?????? Dreams do come true

Hannah Schroeder Todd Schroeder: My pregnancy craving has been TRIGGERED. Emergency trip to NY, please

Christina Mosquera VanValkenburgh: I’m almost positive I made my fiancé throw up while at work for sending him this pic

Linda Ballentine Carr: Pineapple and pickles have no business on a pizza. Once you vary off cheese and pepperoni it's not pizza anymor

Jim Smith: Firstly they committed the atrocity of putting pickles on pizza. That warrants the death penalty. But THEN they cut a round pizza into square slices?!

Liz Gillette-Clarke: Why?! In the name of all that is holy, why did you do this to pizza?

This isn't the first time a central New York restaurant has gone viral for their unique pickle creation. The North Pole in Chittenango became known for their pickle sundae this Summer.

The North Pole
The North Pole

Can't get to Webster, New York to try the pickle pizza for yourself? The owners will give you the recipe. "Thanks to all the haters and lovers the pickle pizza has gone viral!! If you live too far message me and I’ll help you make this at home."

I LOVE pineapples on pizza. Why not pickles? And I'll try anything once. So I think I'll need to contact Rhino's to make this at home. Stay tuned to see how it turns out and what Tadpole thinks. I can hear him now..."why would you put pickles on a pizza?"

Rhino's Pizza is at 85 Donovan Street in Webster. You can see all their specialty pizzas at Rhinospizzany.com.


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