A pickle sundae? Really? It's apparently a thing now and you can try one in central New York.

The North Pole in Chittenango is home to the odd concoction that has vanilla ice cream, dill pickles, chocolate syrup, chopped nuts, and whipped cream, creating a sundae that sounds like a pregnant woman's craving. But it's was actually the owner Alexandria Salcido who came up with the idea. "My crazy love for pickles made me and my fiancé play around with different combinations," says Salcido. "He hated me after about an hour of sampling different ice creams with pickles."

It may sound weird but people are eating it up. "So many people are ordering it just to try it, and 99% of them love it," says Salcido. "We have people buying gift cards that we have to make out for JUST the pickle sundae."

Maybe it's the combination of sweet, sour and salty that creates a perfect blend of flavors. I'm not sure. But I've always said don't knock it til you try it. So I guess a trip to Chittenango is my future. How about you?

If you're interested, The North Pole is at 620 E. Genesee Street in Chittenango.  Get directions or more information on their Facebook page.

The North Pole
The North Pole


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