Life at the zoo doesn't stop, even during a quarantine. While the doors of the Rosamond Gifford Zoo may be closed to the public, the keepers are getting a couple of their residents out and about to see their fellow animals.

Patrick and George are Bactrian camels at the zoo in Syracuse. Last weekend, they got to walk around the zoo with keepers. The zoo shared videos of the camels visiting Thimbu the tiger (with glass between, of course), Asian elephants, white-lipped deer, and a number of the barnyard residents. Check out their adorable videos below.

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The zoo also shared that, although they are currently closed to the public, there are still ways you can help care for its resident animals. You can purchase an e-gift card from Wegmans and send the link to Your gift will help provide animals like Mortoise the tortoise enrichment treats like the yams he is obviously enjoying.

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