The Most Important 'Back to School' Supply You Will Buy
Forget the pens, the sneakers, or other school supply items. The most important 'Back to School' product you will purchase for your child this year is their backpack. Not many parents think about this, but choosing the right book bag is the key to keeping your developing child healthy.
Reflecting On The 20th CNY Ride For Missing Children
For anyone who is considering participating in "The Ride for Missing Children," it is the experience of a lifetime. From the actual bike ride to the multiple stops at area schools, the memories made will last a lifetime. The mission of this ride and the National Center for Missing & Ex…
Meet The Farming Side of Sheriff Rob Maciol
For the past 27 years Sheriff Rob Maciol has been working in law enforcement. During that time one of his true passions always remained and that's a love of farming. What started as helping his uncle with farm chores quickly grew into something bigger. Now he and his wife decided to make the move fr…

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