If it seems like everyone you know is getting sick it's because central New York is among the top places in the country for the cold and flu.

Utah and California are the only other states with higher cold and flu cases according to WebMD over the past week. In Oneida county the number of positive flu cases has jumped to 129 as of December 20th 2017, compared to 39 cases during the same time period in 2016, according to the Oneida County Health Department.

New York Symptoms

Nasal Congestion - VERY HIGH
Runny Nose - VERY HIGH
Sneezing - VERY HIGH
Sore Throat - MINIMAL
Fever - LOW

The recent record setting low temperatures in central New York isn't helping with the number of cold and flu cases. And with another Wind Chill Warning in affect from tonight through Sunday morning, more people are expected to catch the cold.

Get tips to avoid and/or treat the cold and flu from WebMD.com.



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