On December 5, 1933 prohibition in the United States officially ended and millions of Americans were once again free to enjoy an adult beverage legally.

In Utica, we celebrate 'Repeal Day' by cracking open a delicious beverage from the F.X. Matt Brewery, makers of Utica Club - the first beer sold legally after prohibition ended.

If you have ever been on the tour of the F.X. Matt Brewery here in Utica, you may have heard the story:

Chairman and CEO Nick Matt recounts the legendary tale:

“My grandfather had gotten wind that this was all happening,” Matt said. “My uncle Frank, who was my father’s older brother and worked here at the brewery, went down to Washington to get a license. We had beer available immediately when Prohibition ended. It’s kind of a joke around here because we never made beer during Prohibition, but somehow the beer magically appeared when it ended.

Smart thinking by the Matt family!

With the monumental decision to repeal prohibition, hundreds of breweries across the country were able to re-open their doors and begin making a living again.

Matt says 'Repeal Day' meant a great deal to his family's brewery:

“If Prohibition had gone for another year or so, I don’t think the company would have survived,” Matt said. “During Prohibition, they managed by making soft drinks and other possible products they could make and they just weren’t doing very well.”

So open up your favorite Saranac beer tonight and say a toast to the Matt family for bringing Utica such amazing beer for over 100 years.

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